About Us

At BOBO Furniture, we are happy to serve you to help materialize the joyful moments you have been dreaming of, by offering superior quality, distinction, comfort and undisputed outstanding design.

We closely monitor the popular trends around the globe and utilize the strength of our own design team and team of architects, putting ourselves in the shoes of our customers in order to offer you the best service in a sustainable manner.

With a manufacturing and sales team consisting of 60 members, we manufacture furniture and accessories to be sold in our stores, we manufacture boutique furniture for exclusive use and we offer turn-key decoration services. Since its establishment in 1999, BOBO Furniture has introduced a different approach to furniture. The company continues to dress your homes with two stores located in Istanbul’s two most important furniture centers, Modoko and Masko, another store in İzmit Mobesko and through extensive exports.

In a word, you dream about it and BOBO Furniture turns your dream into reality.